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Where Do the Youths Go?

In the Central Bronx, on nearly every street corner, large groups of youths can be seen and heard talking loudly, gambling, drinking, smoking, arguing and starting trouble. Starting from late afternoon throughout the night on weekdays and weekends, young men and women take to the violent, drug infested streets to pass the time. At the […]

They Give a Little to Those Who Give More

In the evening hours, on the second Tuesday of every month, children’s laughter and fast paced steps echo through the small cafeteria, with its white brick walls and waxed tile charcoal floors. Large rectangular tables are lined up parallel to one another. Parents sit, engaging in conversation amongst themselves, on the subjects of helping those […]

Youth Threatened By Media

In a terrible incident where a woman, 87, was knocked down and injured by two young children of the ages 4 and 5, they were put in the spotlight. After the elderly woman passed away three months later of unrelated causes, her estate sued the two children. With the case in motion, the two children […]

Richard Price: The Writer With a Story

The carpeted room with blue and white patterned Baruch symbols resonated with laughter and applause. The large crowd—students, faculty, professors and fans took interest in the reading and quirky remarks of author Richard Price as he stood at the podium sharing his novel work Lush Life. Price’s words were calm with a slight tension as […]

Old Cuts in a Changing Neighborhood

At the corner of East Tremont, a small shop has catered to many textures of hair—straight, curly, dread locks, braids, and waves. From a distance, on the East Tremont strip of small delis, markets, discount stores and salons, the M&M Pelham Manor Barber shop cannot be missed. With its offbeat pinstripe design of red, blue […]

The Kids Are Her Priority

“I always loved working with children, whether I was teaching them math or showing them how to tie their shoe laces…as long as I could make them smile.” These are the words that are proudly emitted from the lips of teacher and mentor,Bernadette Noel. With one mindset, to leave an impression on the children that […]

Central Bronx Background

Walking down the streets of the Central Bronx area, can arouse a variety of emotions both good and bad. There is a living character in every neighborhood, and in the Central Bronx, I can tell you it is one of comfort for being some place familiar and lively. And then there’s the feeling of a […]