My type of essay

What kind of essay do I like to write… No matter how long it needs to be, I enjoy writing about my experiences the most. The biggest reason may be that I have unlimited knowledge of myself, well more than anyone else. As people say, “people love┬átalking about themselves.” Like many other people, talking or writing about a subject you do not know, or lack knowledge of, is difficult. It puts me in a comfortable position when I’m writing these essays and I find myself exceeding the required length of the paper. Besides this, I also enjoy opinion essays. For example, having two different sides and choosing one to side with and argue my point. I find it enjoyable to do research on a specific topic. Especially because I learn things that I have never expected to along the way. When I do research, I tend to fall off path at some point and researching completely different yet relevant to the focused topic. However, I still learn from it and also bring a different aspect to the paper. Since our English class focus is on New York, I imagine writing a paper on MY New York. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t.

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