First Jobs

All of us have a first job. In fact, we often have more than one: our first job as teens (or even pre-teens) and our first job as adults and as college graduates.

For College namesake Bernard Baruch (1870–1965), his “first” first job was picking cotton. Ten years old at the time, he had a clear objective: to save up for a hunting rifle. When he graduated in 1889 from the City College of New York (precursor to today’s Baruch College), economic times were tough. So though it wasn’t his dream job, Bernard Baruch became an office boy with a wholesale glass company for $3 a week. Thirty years later, Baruch was a financier, self-made millionaire, and advisor to heads of state.

What makes Bernard Baruch’s history remarkable is what makes many of your first job stories equally amazing—where you started and what you made from those beginnings. Read More…