It was 9am on a Sunday morning in mid-May, I was still weary eyed, as I stepped into Baruch College. Upon entering, I noticed some friendly people, both student admissions ambassadors and adult admissions counselors. One of these counselors took down my name to sign me in, and instructed me that breakfast was being served in the cafeteria. Although this was the second college open house I had visited, I immediately knew that this was the right place for me. The friendly tour guides showed my Dad and I around the modern Vertical Campus, and then over to the library, with it’s own Subatomic Trading Floor. Throughout the entire morning, I marveled around, taking in the modern-day feeling of the place. The current students seemed to enjoy the place, and raved about their wonderful experiences, and how it would leave them well prepared for the real world. One of these students even showed a large group of us up to the future Baruch dorms. Getting onto the subway was interesting, as she had to keep refilling the Metrocard to swipe everyone in.

Fast-forward 17 months later, and here I am, a freshman, attending a Sunday open house. This time, however, I am in the opposite role, and I am one of the Admissions Ambassadors providing the tours circulating the campus. I am one of the people instructing people on where to go for breakfast. More importantly, I am the one who many visitors come to asking questions and for words of advice. I am also the one leading the tour, to make sure everyone makes it onto the subway and up to the dorms.

Now, many of my fellow peers and tour attendees ask me how I know so much about the campus, and how I am so involved at such a low student status. Well, I knew that at Baruch, as in the real world, I would be required to seek out opportunities for myself to become active in the school community. Over the summer, I had joined the admissions ambassador club, providing tours and working in the welcome center with the admissions department. Then, I also became involved with the Lexicon yearbook, and will be working directly with the business development team. With them, I help out finding sponsors for the yearbook. Very soon, I will also be applying for a position on TEAM Baruch. With this opportunity, I will be able to provide my experience to assist the new incoming freshman with their introduction to Baruch. Hopefully, in the spring, I will be an Orientation Leader, and next fall, will hopefully become a Freshman Seminar peer mentor.

Many students ask me why I am so involved on campus, rather than hanging out in my dorm room. Many think that it is some sort of crime to become so involved and possess so much school spirit for a CUNY school. The fact of the matter is, however, that these people are some of the same population who told me that Baruch has no social life or school spirit whatsoever.