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My favorite enrichment workshop was the academic advisement workshop.  I think this is the most important workshop because it helped me to understand how to register for classes and gave us advice on what classes we should take next semester.  If it weren’t for this workshop, I would have to find all the information on my own.

Blog posts 3 & 4


My favorite workshop was the one where we had to decide who would go on a boat if people were stranded on an island. I thought it was funny when everyone automatically wanted to kill the old lady. Instead of leting 6 people live we only got 4.


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I know this may sound like I’m lying, but my favorite workshop this year was when we met with the academic advisors to learn more about registering for next semster’s classes. I liked this most because I was able to think about my future and foresee my future in this school and it made me happy to see that I can actually finish school earlier that I had ever expected. I know this wasn’t part of the assignment but as much as some of you are a pain in my ass… Noah… I will miss you all and I.Hope you will still have the decency to wave to me when we cross paths in the future. Good luck to you all <3


My favorite workshop was the advisement one. I learned how to apply to classes because lily did a bad job of doing it. Yayayayay and I learned what classes I should be taking.,r:30,s:200,i:94&tx=112&ty=19

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The workshop that I think was best was the starr career service workshop. It taught me many useful things , such as where can I go to make a resume or find an internship. It’s important to me because I plan on finding an internship near the future, and I need help to work on my resume. If it weren’t for this workshop I wouldn’t have known about it.

Blog Posts 3 & 4

My favorite workshop in FRO would have to be the Ruben Museum of Art. I can’t exactly speak for everyone in our class but at least I enjoyed seeing all the different statues and paintings. I actually learned a lot about the Himalayan culture by going to the museum and reading about the works on display.

Blogs 3 and 4

My favorite workshop was the Dare to Engage Workshop. This workshop basically brought the idea that “discriminatory actions and bullying are not okay” to everyone’s attention. It also helped me realize that it is okay to tell someone when something isn’t funny anymore and is “crossing the line.” I felt that this workshop was the most memorable and the videos we saw were very inspirational.





It would probably be the “Dare to Engage” workshop. Even though i don’t remember what exactly went on in this workshop. I do remember it being interesting. The guy presenting showed several videos on bullying and discrimination which i found were really sympathizing.  This goes on everyday, but no one should be faced with these kind of treatments. It inspired me to say, “OUCH” when it hurts!

Blog Posts 3 and 4

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My favorite workshop of the semester was definitely when we went to the Rubin Museum. The art and culture of the Himalayans made me more aware of the world around me, and reminded me that there are vast differences between different parts of the world. What is normal for one region, may seem out of the ordinary, or overdone to another region. By seeing the art, I was also able to closely examine the similarities between the pieces, and use my analyzing skills to find common themes. Finally, this trip has made me very excited for the Chase Seminar ANT 1000H course I am taking next semester, since it will be taught in conjunction with the Rubin Museum. When the class begins, I will be able to have a pre-existing knowledge of the museum, and all it has to offer.

My Favorite Workshop

My favorite workshop would have to be Academic Advisement for several reasons. First of all, it was the only thing I could remember that I actually attended that I thought classified as an actual “workshop”. But mainly it was because it was reassuring to know I would have some sort of advisory to help me through my first time registering for courses. It was good to know I wouldn’t have to go through it alone, and more importantly, I now know how to do it for the next six times and how much preparation goes into it.