BUS9700 — Sustainable Business

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BUS9700 — Sustainable Business

Mission of This Page

  • The idea behind this page is to create a living document where Zicklin business students can post thoughts on:
    • How we are thinking about sustainability in the context of business
    • What we think the nexus of business and sustainability is in the new millennium
    • Comments on articles, books, blog posts we have read
    • Observations on current issues and new perspectives

    By rolling over this page from semester to semester to the succeeding Bus 9770 class (Business Sustainability), we hope to capture the evolution of students' thoughts in the business school arena, as well as build on each others' thinking.

    By making this page viewable to those outside the class, as well as outside of the university, we will bring this discussion and our musings to a broader audience, to spur debate and bring change.

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