The Prize Series


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The Prize (Part 1 of 8) – “Our Plan”

The Prize (Part 2 of 8) – “Empires of Oil”

The Prize (Part 3 of 8) – “Black Giant”

The Prize (Part 4 of 8) – “War and Oil”

The Prize (Part 5 of 8) – “Crude Diplomacy”

The Prize (Part 6 of 8) – “Power to the Producers”

 The Prize (Part 7 of 8) – “The Tinderbox”

The Prize (Part 8 of 8) – “New Order of Oil”


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The Price of Civilization

jeffrey sachs

price of civilization


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Presentation by Yuri Polykavov, Ph.D. Babcock Ranch Sustainable Development

Yuri  Polykavov visited Instructor Bocian’s Business Sustainability 9700 class to discuss the evaluation of a sustainability project — Babcock Ranch.

Babcock Ranch is a sustainable residential and commercial development in southwest Florida.

Babcock’s sustainability features as described by developer:

  • Self sufficient electrical capacity.   Babcock Ranch will generate electricity from a 75W photovoltaic field.  This will provide electricity for all of the development’s residential and commercial activities, and electric cars.
  • Clean tech incubator:   Area will attract like-minded companies and develop business synergies that will be beneficial for companies.

Bus 9700 critique of plan & questions:

  • Water  —  where does the water come from to maintain lawns and landscaping?
  • Construction materials  — LEED certified? What level?
  • Tie-in to Fort Meyers:  How can Ft Meyers, the nearest city, benefit from Babcock Ranch?  Sustainability gains are driven by links and integration.  Instead of creating stand-alone developments, how might this development contribute to sustainability in the surrounding area?
  • Density calculation/comment (Kelcey):

General Sustainability Points:

  • Florida has existing properties:  The state has one of the higher residential foreclosure rates in the U.S.  Converted buildings are more sustainable than new buildings because the carbon footprint for the materials has already been made.  Does Florida need another development?  Are there more creative ways to preserve Florida’s tax base while preserving the Babcock parcel?
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NYT | The Truth, Still Inconvenient

Today’s op-ed page features Paul Krugman on the Republicans and the “debate” on climate change.  As much as love reading Krugman, I can’t help but think he is preaching to the choir.  I appreciate that he is calling out the climate deniers as they truly are: liars who conveniently pick “truths” to bolster their agenda.

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CSR Wire | Blue Sky Thinking for Sustainability

In John Elkington’s blog post on CSR Wire Talkbalk, he wrote about David Harding  on some the technologies he thought would produce solutions to climate change and energy use.  Mr. Harding donated £20 million to Cavendish Labs at Cambridge for blue sky research.  The lab has historically focused on fusion, superconductivity and nanofabrication.

“In 2100, the sources of energy on this planet will be either solar or fusion,” argues Professor Peter Littlewood, who heads the Cavendish Laboratory, “and the preferred means to transport and use energy will be electrical. The ‘magic’ technologies needed to deliver this new age and make them available to societies worldwide are: photovoltaics, electrical storage, refrigeration and lighting.”

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Guest Speaker — Cary Krosinsky, Principal of TruCost

For a post of Mr. Krosinsky’s lecture, see this link.

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Economist | How Green Is Their Growth

This article from the Jan 24th 2008 edition of the Economist discusses the relationship between economic growth and environmental degradation.

The link between growth and the environment can be for the worse or for the better.  The study covered in the article argues that impact economic growth has on the environment is a function of good governance.

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MIT Mgmt Review | What Executives Don’t Get About Sustainability (and Further Notes on the Profit Motive)

This article from the MIT Sloan Management Review is a must-read by every business school student out there.

Substantiates that ROI of sustainability is greatly underestimated.  Not only does it not cost more than business-as-usual approaches, the returns on  changes that optimize sustainability are significantly higher than what is understood.

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SAP | Sustainability Report

more to be added

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Fast Company | How to Save Billions in Building and Bridge Repair: Coat Them In Burnt Coal Ash

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