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“what makes a good race joke? ” – I was listening to this podcast that talks about what makes a good race joke. The people were talking about how race jokes can be repetitive because it’s usually a caucasian comedian talking about a person of color or someone of a different race. this comedian named Aparna Nancherla who is also a women of color who somewhat constantly makes race jokes. They’re not racist but they are consistent. In an interview she talks about how when she started comedy it wasn’t her intention to go into race jokes, but then she saw that it just came naturally to her because so many people found the jokes funny, which led to her doing the bit many times. Aparna continues to talk about how even though it wasn’t her intention to continue with the race jokes, she felt that it a brought a sense of people who are in the minority group to feel seen because not many people of different races get the opportunity to achieve a dream in comedy, and so the jokes makes it feel like they are apart of her life in a certain aspect. my reaction to this is that I feel that it depends on the persons opinion who is listening to the joke. personally I don’t take offense to race jokes because there’s usually nothing racist about it. They pretty much just talk about how different races live their lives differently compared to others. There may be other people who take offense to it and they will have their own reason for taking offense to it.

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  1. I listened to the same podcast and ngl I was bored to hell until one of the comedians started talking about his son getting called Abdul by his peers because of his looks and ethnicity. I cracked a smile when the son said he was going to blow up their houses. Of course, some may take offense to that but I would say that’s a nice comeback. Other than that, I don’t remember most of the podcast.

  2. I was reading your blog and I was a little confused because I thought it was talking about race cars but then I realized it was about someone’s race. I personally don’t take offense either but if it’s a white person making a “joke” about a certain race and I see that only they are laughing then I will say something like “don’t take it too far”. Just because there are things we shouldn’t joke about. However I really do understand why Nancherla does race jokes, many people make jokes about Mexicans and I find them funny. It could also be that there are people who need this type of entertainment to make them happy when they are away from their homeland.

  3. Hello, I see that you chose such an interesting article. I really do agree with what you have to say. It really depends on the person if they take offense or not to these “jokes”. It’s just another way different races view and see each other; after all, they don’t live the same life as someone else. Sorry about my rant. Other than that, I do agree that it depends on the person’s opinion who is listening to the joke.

  4. Hello I found this take on the topic to be interesting and found it to be well worded out. I agree with the part where it states it depends on the person because each situation is different and I think people need to know which situation is appropriate and with who.

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