Narrative of Metacognition

In the essay “What is Intelligence. anyway?”, Isaac talks about different views/perspectives on intelligence. He uses himself and many other examples to explain how each person is intelligent in their own specialty such as him, who specializes in academia, or is a mechanic with cars. Asimov admits that if he were to take a mechanic-type quiz, he’d be a “moron” and the same goes for his mechanic if he took an academia-style test. I believe intelligence is the ability to learn new things and being able to utilize those new set of skills or knowledge in any setting(of course it has to be related to said setting).

I’d say one of my greatest strengths is being a fast learner. From a young age I’ve felt this way because I’d quickly grasp onto topics I was taught, not just academia but also, like, instruments. Even if it was something boring, I’d quickly learn. Another would be being open-minded, I’ve always felt this is very crucial if you want to grow as a person and be better. As of interests, football or fútbol(no way I’m saying soccer) is one them, constantly following my favorite clubs and national teams-Bayern München and “El Tri”. Finally, talents… not too sure what they’re are but I’m open to discover them, guitar maybe.

After taking my multiple intelligence quiz I wasn’t too shock, here are the following: Bodily/Kinesthetic , logical/mathematical, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal. I’m mostly surprised about the bodily/Kinesthetic but then remember that as of lately I’ve been changing up my physical routine. For the logical/mathematical one I agree, I’ve always been able to make connections, although would’ve expected it to be slightly lower than the others. Lastly, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal-both tied as rank 2, and truthfully, it’s correct. Overall, this quiz was accurate and there is some type of correlation to my strengths and interests. Such as open-mindedness, never really take peoples comments to what I’m doing-like projects- in a subjective manner. Could it use some tweaking? perhaps.

This came up in my mind, probably not the most appropriate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3 thoughts on “Narrative of Metacognition

  1. The picture at the end is so real. The way you speak about your interests is really captivating. I wish I was a fast learner. I usually need things to be shown and explained about ten times before I can fully understand something.

  2. Omg I feel so related to the last picture. Unlike you I’m a slow learner and have to rely on reading the all the material. Wish I could just eat the book and acknowledge whatever information is inside. 🙁

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