Literacy narrative, code switch

“ The impact of COVID-19, a million deaths in”

The topic of the podcast I chose to listen to was “ The impact of COVID-19, a million deaths in”. The guest on this podcast is Linda Villarosa, who recently had written a book, “Under The Skin: The Hidden Toll Of Racism On American Lives And The Health Of Our Nation.”. Linda is an award winning, science and health reporter. Throughout this podcast they brought to light how people are treated extremely poorly in the healthcare system. Linda then spoke out on her family’s horrible experience in the health care system. She also went into details about how bad her father was being treated. Her mother told her over the phone “your father is really sick, he is in the hospital, and they’re treating him like – she said the n-word”. After being told to rush to the hospital by her mother,when she arrived her dad even told her “ get me out of here”. I believe they presented this issue fairly because Linda has worked in this field and she knows how it works. She also has been inside and out of these hospitals for many years now. I’ve always believed the health system is horrible especially during Covid 19. From personal experience I saw first hand, many loved ones go into the ER and not receive the proper help they needed because of the color of their skin and resulted in them passing away. They also continued to discuss how there have been studies about how people of color- particularly black people are treated unequally in our healthcare system.After listening to this podcast it made me realize, that even after covid-19 this is still an ongoing issue in our healthcare system and it needs to be stopped and something needs to be done to address this problem.

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  1. After reading your writing, it really surprised me. I never thought of how bad the healthcare system treated those of color. I agree with you that something needs to be done with racism in the healthcare system.

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