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The article “NPR’s Code Switch Team Explores Political Correctness On College Campuses” by Gene Demb discusses the issue of political correctness and black student protestors on college campuses. Ari Shapiro and Gene Demby spoke about these topics. Demby briefly mentions how the black student protestors use language from the 60’s because it’s identical to the language black protestors used back then. Gene Dempy shows indication of support for the protestors because of his discussion of microaggression, demographic changes and doesn’t see the protestors as “whiny”. I agree with Gene Dempy because of the argument older black people tried to make. They were basically diminishing the struggles of black students. In my opinion, the people who spoke on the topic presented the issue fairly and my viewpoint wasn’t called into question. I had similar opinions before reading this article.

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  1. I agree I don’t see why the way someone speaks should diminish their argument. They should be less focused on the way they speak and instead address the points they are protesting.

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