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The article I chose was “This right wing conspiracy theory about eating bugs is about as racist as you think”. Gene Demby and Huo Jingnan spoke on the theory and shared their views in the podcast. They believe that the broad idea of conspiracy theories spreads harmful ideologies or misinformation and promotes racism; and that this conspiracy theory about eating bugs falls victim to that. People often code switch when it comes to what they have to say about conspiracy theories especially if their comment has something to do with racism. I definitely agree with them because conspiracy theories are usually problematic in a way. Huo and Gene agreed that different types of foods have been associated with the different kind of people that consume them, and that poor people and/or immigrants stick out the most. As a Vietnamese, I definitely relate to this because people seem to assume all we eat are insects and bugs or occasionally, dogs and cats. This shows how people are associated with the types of food they eat and how common it is for people to assume these racial stereotypes.

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  1. I agree, many people especially Americans tend to make racial assumptions and stereotypes against certain groups of people. This causes minorities especially when they are younger to code-switch and hide their true selves in order to fit in, this can be seen in schools.

  2. I agree with your point of how people are associated with the foods they eat because if it’s not a typical American dish it’s looked at weirdly and questioned. Facing judgment for cultural foods whether they are different or not can cause people to become self-conscious and not want to show their true selves. No one wants to be judged for what’s culturally normal to them.

  3. I agree because a lot of people tend to code-switch when it comes to the topic of what their culture eats. The conspiracy theories are harmful because they are talking specifically about a groups of people it would affect, and you can see how that can be associated with race.

  4. I agree with your point. Many people like to stereotype people from other parts of the world. We see this more frequently with Americans. Many young people tend to code switch because of the stereotypes placed on their culture and this is not a good thing. It really sucks to see and it will continue to get worse.

  5. I like how you made a personal connection. It is very disappointing to see how ignorant people can be, especially something that is not a difficult thing to comprehend. No one should be afraid to embrace their culture because of uneducated people who are afraid of what they don’t understand.

  6. I agree with your statement on how conspiracy theories are problematic. I can’t even think of one example where a conspiracy theory was not problematic. I also found the point about how people are associated with the types of food they eat really interesting and I agree with this too.

  7. I agree with you, how people associate these racial stereotypes just based off where you from. which is honestly very disappointing because it’s someone’s culture and they receive these ugly stares just because they don’t understand the person background, instead of actually educating themselves on their culture.

  8. I agree because it is true that people have a racial bias against someone just because they come from a certain place, and it’s due to the lack of education that isn’t present in certain places that most desperately require it.

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