Asimov Assignment

Throughout the essay, Asimov realized that there is more than one type of intelligence and scores do not determine how educated you are. Asimov came to this conclusion by visiting an auto-repair man. He noticed that while the auto-repair man couldn’t have scored as well as Asimov did on the intelligence tests, he had far more knowledge than Asmiov in auto-repair. Asimov had noticed that the auto-repair man was just as smart as him, just in a different subject. My definition of intelligence is similar to Asimov’s newfound definition. I believe that intelligence comes in different subjects, just because one might not be good at math they can be good at science and still be considered intelligent. We are not meant to know every single thing. I would say my strongest subjects would be math and science. I am very good at remembering exact times and dates, I especially remember everyone’s birthday even if I am no longer in contact with them. My interests would be sightseeing nature or architecture.

For my Multiple Intelligence survey, the results I got were (97) intrapersonal which means I’m able to distinguish among my own feelings and build accurate mental models to make important decisions. (75) Logical/mathematical means that I use numbers effectively. (59) visual and spatial meaning that I create affective mental pictures. I do feel that these results were accurate and they compare to my own assumptions above as well. I realize that I am self-aware and I know how I react to certain things and how they would affect me emotionally. I also am very good with numbers and remembering them. As for visual and spatial aspects, I am not sure if this is accurate or not, it could be in a way that I do not realize. To conclude on the results, I do think it accurately describes my intelligence in most aspects.