7 day code switching journal

 Day 1- Monday September 11,2023:

A group of my classmates were talking about this program “success amplified after our english class, it was around 11:40.I then became very interested so I went with them to speak with the person who is a part of this program.We formally introduced ourselves to the coordinator and that’s when I caught myself changing how I would usually speak to any of my other peers. I greeted her by saying “ hello good afternoon” instead of what i would usually say to my friends, which would be like “hey, what you up to”. She proceeded to ask us some questions and told us more about this program. I did realize I changed the way I would ask questions to make sure I sound professional and not childish. While also being respectful.

Day 2- Tuesday September 12,2023:

On my way to school this afternoon around 3pm there was a delay on the train and it ended up skipping stops. I ended up lost, not knowing how to get to school. I was underground , with a bad internet connection which didn’t allow me to use google maps. I ended up having to ask someone for help with directions. This is when I immediately changed the way I would usually approach someone, since we were in a public setting with a ton of other people. I had to be very polite and clear to make sure I didn’t give off the wrong idea. I said “ hey good afternoon, I’m sorry to bother you but would you know any other train that could take me to 23 st. My cell phone isn’t getting any good reception down here”.Thankfully she was able to help me and I was able to get to my class on time.

Day 3 Friday- September 15,2023: 

It was pretty early in the morning i’d say around 9 am, i was on my way to do my nails with a friend. As she opened her door and I entered her home, her mom was the first person I saw. I immediately changed how i was going to greet her mother, i said “ Good morning, how are you, it’s so nice seeing you again. Thank you once again for welcoming me into your home”. We chatted a bit before I went into my friend’s room. As soon as me and my friend were alone I code switched  again, I was no longer speaking as formal as I did when speaking to her mother. 

Day 4 -September 15, 2023:

it was around 2:30 I was on my way to the tattoo shop with my friend, as we approached the shop I was getting ready and preparing myself on how I was going to greet the artist. But as soon as we entered, all of the artists said “wassup yall, come in take a seat relax, there are drinks if you need anything, you should know the drill”. I immediately code switched and was able to talk to the tattoo artist as if he was a friend. He was very friendly and open.

Day 5 – September 16, 2023

Exactly at 12 i called my cousin “ YEOOO GOODD MORNINGGGG HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.I wished him a wonderful birthday and for many more wonderful years to come. I realized I code switch a lot because of my family and depending who I’m speaking to. Well my cousin is like a brother to me so I can always speak freely whenever I’m with him.

Day 6 -September 18 Monday 

On the way home, a stranger complimented my shoes, then started a conversation with me because he was a sneakerhead. I immediately changed how I spoke ( code switch )because I didn’t know this person so I wanted to be more reserved and not share too much.

Day 7- September 20 Wednesday:

I just got home from school. I greeted my parent’s as soon as I got home, a bit after that I got a call from my close friend and I immediately changed the way I spoke and I was more laid back and didn’t sensor myself as I do when I speak to my parents. 

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  1. It’s interesting how often times we code switch when talking out of respect or with people who we believe to be our superiors. We use a completely different set of words and dialogue options when determining what we’re going to say and how we’re going to say it.

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