Code Switching Log


Monday 9/11/23 - I was going to be absent for my first class because of a family issue, so I had to email my instructor. When I wrote the email I had to write it very formally and politely. I didn't sound like how I would speak to a friend, but emails have to be formal.

Tuesday 9/12/23 - met up with come friends and their friends — some whom I have never met before. When I spoke to them I changed my attitude to be more quiet, reserved, and respectful because this is my first time meeting them. When I saw my friends though, I spoke in a very comfortable manner because we grew up together.

Wednesday 9/13/23 - had my third day at my new job and I met one new coworker. She is two years younger than me, so I spoke to her more casually and I think we clicked pretty fast. We spoke on any topic and she taught me some things in the workplace.

Thursday 9/14/23 - first UCLA club meetup and I met so many people. I went with three other friends, so I wasn’t too tense. With them by my side I felt more at ease to meet new people together as a group. Overall, it was a fun experience.

Friday 9/15/23 - Didn’t have class, so I was at home. I noticed when I talk to my siblings and family I am really direct (sometimes too direct, might hurt them). I am not afraid of being my true self in front of them because they know me so well.

Saturday 9/16/23 - went to church and met the same church members. The older members saw me grow up and I grew up a group of kids my age too, so I am also casual with them. Not as direct with them as my family, about the same level as with my friends on Tuesday.

Monday 9/18/23 - in FYS class, we finally got to interact with other classmates and we split into groups of five. I grouped with two friends I already knew and two new classmates. There was one friend I was really close with and we could talk very directly. Compared to that friend, I spoke to the other friend more respectfully, but also relaxed. To the two new classmates I met, I was more polite because we have never spoken before.

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  1. I can relate to being direct to my family. We were raised to always get our point across to but to keep a calm and collected composure when interacting with family.

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