Code Switch Program

“Fan of football- or the fall of football?” is a podcast that goes in depth about the dark truths hidden in football. This code switching article shows the discreet ways the national football league in the United States would hide racism and prejudice acts that were commonly made by those in power of these multi million dollar teams and the league itself as a whole. One thing mentioned was in the combines which is a way young players get scouted for the big leagues and how they will dehumanize and objectify these young players who are mostly African-American. There are many physical and extreme tests that push the players out of their of their comfort zone and some would say make them feel devalued and uncomfortable. But the main problem mentioned is the problem with diversity hiring in the coaching staff of these big teams. It was extremely uncommon to find an African American with a high coaching job in the NFL and in the pod cast it states ” The higher the job the whiter it got”. A well known lawyer and activist Johnny Cochran most notorious for defending OJ Simpson pushed hard for diversity in these high coaching jobs. His push for a change lead to the “Rooney Rule” which lead to a massive improvement in the diversity and lead to a big change. There are many black coaches with big roles in the NFL and the Rooney Rule was the start of this change. Although it has gotten better the racism in these situations are still there today.

I agree with the article and believe that this the sad truth we live in right now and although there has been major changes there is still more work to be down to resolve this better. This is presented fairly in the podcast and they give a lot of different examples where this has occurred on multiple occasions. Ive always known about the hidden racism in the NFL and was made well aware of this from documentaries and other similar articles but not to the extent this pod cast goes to and it made me realize it was worse then I thought. Although there is much diversity in the players in the NFL today, this isn’t the case for the other high positions there and just because they havent gotten better dosent mean there isn’t more change that can be made.