7 day code switching log

Day 1

I was in my friends house playing video games. We were talking the way most teens would talk with each other in slang. We would be using terms like “bro”, “homie”, “my son”, and other slang words used to address and speak to each other with while we were talking in his room. His father came into the room from work to greet me and I switched the way I spoke when I spoke to my friend father. I spoke to him formally and addressed him formally such as calling him “sir”. I switched from speaking slang with my friend to a formal way of talking when I spoke to his father.

Day 2

I was in a restaurant with a couple of childhood friends I’ve known since middle school and we were all sitting down and catching up. We were speaking in our own slang us friends speak to each other in. We would use many phrases and terms only us friends would know from middle school. Soon the waiter came to take our order and we had to code switch from our informal slang we use with each other to a formal way of talking to speak to the waiter to order our food.

Day 3

I was playing a soccer match for my academy and was talking to my coach before the game about the game plan. We were speaking in formal soccer terminology to talk about tactics and everyone roles on the field. We would use words such as pitch, inside runs, and different formation names like a (4-3-3) for example. These are all formal words we use in soccer with our coach to communicate about how the game plan will go. But after the team talk when im speaking to a fellow teammate we code switch and discuss the plan in an informal simple way not using any of the advance proper terms and just saying where to go and using small nickname and improper terms for it.

Day 4

I was picking up my little brother from his elementary school and spoke to his teacher right before picking him up. I noticed myself code switching from the way I spoke with him and his teacher because I was speaking in a friendly childish way with my five year old brother due to his age. With his teacher I was addressing and speaking to her in a formal way.

Day 5

I was in my philosophy class and we were doing a group seminar with our professor until she broke us up into groups with out her and with two other students in a group. I noticed the code switching from how I was speaking with more sophisticated and advanced vocabulary with my professor and with my normal slang with the students in my group when we were alone.

Day 6

I was in my mosque with my cousin for the evening prayer and was sitting next to my cousin. We were speaking in Egyptian arabic which is our dialect and we use that to speak to each other. When the Imam (muslim priest) came to greet us and our parents we switched to Standard arabic which is a older more formal arabic used to speak in formality to speak to the Imam. I realized when switching between the two that I code switched.

Day 7

I was helping out at my dads bodega shop and noticed myself code switching between two customers. When speaking to the younger one around my age I was speaking in my normal teen slang but when speaking to the much older man i was speaking more properly and more maturley.

By:Youssef Abbas

3 thoughts on “7 day code switching log

  1. I liked how you mentioned realizing you code switched in Arabic. I have never realized that I too code switch not only when speaking English but when speaking other languages as well.

    1. I can definitely relate to switching up the second an authoritative figure walks in a room It is almost like we don’t want to embarrass ourselves which I find really Interesting.

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