Analyzing “The After Series”

Move One: We initially think Tessa is a nice, hardworking girl. However, all of that goodness is quickly stripped away when she meets Hardin. As the movie goes on, we see the different challenges they face as a couple as a result of their different views on life. We see the events take place that ultimately bring them to their downfall, as well as the sacrifices they each make for one another. Soon after that, they focus on improving themselves, repairing their bond, and eventually get married. 

The “After” series demonstrate an understanding of the differences between toxic and healthy relationships as well as the ability to see situations from the other person’s perspective. I think the “After” series does a fantastic job of portraying the idea that a relationship requires work and minor changes from both partners in order for it to flourish.

Move Two: As their relationship grows, Tessa and Hardin deal with everyday challenges and argue how to handle them due to of their different viewpoints. Hardin is more of a frat boy compared to Tessa, who is young and hardworking. Hardin breaks down and leaves at one point despite having a lot of issues. Hardin gets caught in the world of alcohol in an attempt to change, which results in addiction again.

Despite Tessa’s attempt to avoid him, we follow Hardin as he tries to better himself for her. They eventually cross paths again and understand their future is to be together. After getting married, they have two kids. The films analyze their relationship’s emotional and physical components as well as how these factors affected them.

Move Three: Constant patterns include their sexual desires and conflicts. Hardin and Tessa always have the urge to be with one another, which isn’t much help to their personal needs. After every fight, they believe the way to fix it is by having sex without having a proper conversation with one another.

We see many times throughout the series Hardin and Tessa having a need for each other sexually. We also see that even when they are mad at each other and not talking, they still find a way to be connected physically. This was a major conflict because it took away their communication aspect, and they both lacked communication skills.

After their downfall, Tessa realizes this and attempts to fix it with Hardin. But Hardin doesn’t like to face his problems and ends up running away again. So, Tessa says, “I’m done for good with this relationship” and moves to New York in an attempt to start a new life.

Move Four: While we see the good-girl-and-bad-guy relationship type, where every girl thinks they’re attracted to the “bad” boys (which can be true), sometimes we’re so blinded that we don’t realize the toxicity coming with our relationships. This series does a great job of showing how the “bad” boy that every girl wants is not always good for you.

At first, Tessa’s standards are very low, but once she meets Hardin and has enough of his frat-boy attitude, she ultimately changes him for the better, making Hardin a completely new person. We see the before and after aspect of their relationship and how they changed from being a toxic relationship to a healthy one. We also see the effects the world around us can have on us.

Hardin went straight into drugs when he was at his lowest, which is what many people do. But Tessa wasn’t gonna let that happen and ran after Hardin to help him when he needed it most.

Move Five:

Although Tessa and Hardin’s relationship was a great way of displaying the difference between toxic and healthy relationships, I think there could have been a better way to approach the problems. For example, when Hardin found out his dad wasn’t his biological dad, not related to him at all, he went and burned down his mother’s house. When Hardin gets mad at Tessa, he runs away instead of communicating.

The “After” series is a great series; I think everyone should watch it because it relates to everyday life and the problems that come with relationships if not dealt with properly.

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