What Does Thanks Giving Mean ?

After reading the text “Turn Off Your Phone”, I noticed that it highlights something that a lot of Americans tend to ignore specially now since tech is highly relevant in society and many argue that it has not reached its full potential. Technology associated with social media has become a poison to families all over the world. For instance, there are some people who do not interact with loved ones because they are trapped in the cycle of the media. Furthermore, when its too late… then people reflect and wish that they had spent more time with their loved ones instead of investing time to something completely futile. I put forth all of this because thanks giving for me is all about unity and appreciation for the people who have been throughout all of our journeys ups and downs.

My interpretation of thanksgiving might be different then others because I focus on the fundamentals of being a real one, being humble and always being graceful for the people in my life. Others might focus on a larger frame or broader things but I just focus on the essential small keys that have really had an impact on my life. My perspective on thanksgiving has always been “as constant as the northern star”-Julius Caesar, Act 3, Shakespeare. Some traditions I would like to keep is just the unity, the surplus foods and parties Dominicans do. In the future I do think of implementing fun activity’s to make things more memorable every year.

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  1. I read a bit of that article as well and it was interesting to read how even if we don’t realize it, we spend a lot of time on our devices without even remembering what we watch or do on them. I agree with you on the fact that most of the time little things matter.

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