Memorial Memory

A personal memorial that holds great significance for me is the 9/11 Memorial. The reason why I consider it to be very personal is because of the person I lost that day—my cousin Eli. The 9/11 attack was an assault on humanity, regardless of the different color, race, or background of a person. It was an attack on all of America. Although I wasn’t born at the time, my family has described Eli as an amazing person who left too soon.

I remember my first time visiting the memorial; I was confused. I asked my parents why they brought me to an outdoor pool when I’m freezing and in jeans, not realizing it was a memorial for all those who have passed. I recall my mom playing a “game” with me to try and find Eli’s name on the edges of the pools. I was so happy to have been the one to find the name.

Seeing the number of people that still visit the memorial today is amazing. To witness how unified people become and how everyone feels each other’s pain is incredible. I highly recommend visiting the 9/11 Memorial and learning about the tragic event that occurred.