Monument Observation

The monuments in Madison Square Park are interesting and unique. From benches to statues, the park offers a different variety of monuments. There are quite a few monuments but the ones that stood out the most were the benches.

The most interesting part about the benches was that they were dedicated to certain individuals.  The main component of the bench is that the bench is from Sophie, Max, and Todd expressing their love for Jessica Lauren Jacobs. Since the bench says “We love you to the moon and back” Jessica must have meant a lot to them. Repetitions of similarity occur since the whole park has benches dedicated to people. What is implied is that Sophie, Max, and Todd really love Jessica not only because of the quote but because they decided to put it on a bench as well. I am left with a question who was Jessica to those people? 

Not much is known about the context of this monument. However, the bench is dedicated to Jessica and the people who dedicated it to her love her a lot. The monument reminds me of a museum since in museums there are also a lot of different works that are dedicated to other people. The intended audience is visitors who go to the park and can enjoy this dedication. I think the purpose is to show the level of respect, love, and gratitude the bench has. It has a deeper meaning than just being something people sit on. The visitors may observe the label or just use the bench to sit and relax. The bench does not take up much space. It is noticeable to the public and about 2 of 10 people would look at the monument label, while most will use it to sit. I don’t think it gains as much attention as it should since the majority of the people just ignore the dedication and just use the bench for what it is. But personally, I like the monument and think it is a very unique way to show dedication. 


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  1. I really enjoyed the benches as well, I though it was like a more personal deduction towards an individual and although not everyone knows who the people on the benches are, the families do which is all that matters.

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