Memorial Memory

Monument in Santiago
Monument to the heroes of the restoration: Dominican Republic, Santiago

What’s a monument or memorial (statue, park, museum, etc.) you visited that was memorable ? What stayed with you? What were the qualities that made it successful insofar as it was memorable to you? Be as detailed as possible. 

The monument to the heroes of the restoration is a memorable visit because it’s the place my parents grew up in and it’s the most sight seeing thing to see from the Dominican Republic. I have visited this place since I was little and have many fond memories of it. It was a place to get together and take pictures of the things surrounding it. The things that were surrounding was lights of toys and carriages. An important thing that stayed with me was that I loved the environment in that place from how beautiful the place is. Although I was so attracted to this place, the history is kind of uncomfortable because it was built by a dictator named Trujillo to celebrate himself but then after he was killed they dedicated it to the soldiers who fought the final war of independence against Spain. An interesting fact is that the lights in the monument is sometimes put as the colors of the Dominican Republic flag.

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