How do you feel about Thanksgiving? Does the holiday make you feel grateful? Nostalgic? Angry? Lonesome? Connected? Do you think these articles encompass the breadth of Thanksgiving experiences? Do you relate to one more than the others? Why? What are other stories of Thanksgiving that you think are important to tell? Can you find any of those stories in the Times archive?

Growing up and even now Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday, mostly because of the food and it was the only time out of the year my family ate together. It does make me feel extremely grateful that me ad my family get to have that intimate experience of a sit-down dinner together. The two articles “Turn off Your Phone For Thanksgiving” and “Go Ahead Eat Your Holiday Feelings” relate to my vision of thanksgiving the most. I feel that being present at the table, being connected and communicating with family is essential for the thanksgiving experience. For my household its the only time of the year where we get to communicate freely and see whats going on in each others lives. This is why the usage of phones is not allowed because it hinders the ability to connect. My household also encourages indulging in food during the holidays and not worrying about calories or health. It is a special time and yo should feel good and full, there are many days out of the year to diet and workout.

Now tell us, what does Thanksgiving mean to you? Why? Does it mean something different to other people in your family or community? Has the meaning of Thanksgiving changed for you over time? Are there certain Thanksgiving traditions that you want to preserve throughout your life? Are there other Thanksgiving traditions that you would like to create as you get older?

Thanksgiving is about being connected and present with family. As for my mom being from Germany, she does not understand the meaning and importance of Thanksgiving but she participates regardless. Thanksgiving is certainly a tradition that I would love to continue with my own family. I want my kids to understand the concept of being grateful for what you have and participating in prayers and quality time.


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