What does Thanksgiving mean?

Thanksgiving makes me feel connected to my family. Both of my parents immigrated here a year before i was born. While I was growing up we never really had time to sit together and eat dinner at night because both of my parents would work until it was late. The article I related to the most would be “The First Thanksgiving” by Julia Moskin. My mom would never cook the traditional thanksgiving food that I would see everyone else cook, she would add her own ingredients saying how it would help bring out more flavor in the food. I think it’s also important to talk about the stress that comes with actually cooking the dinner for a group of people who may have different tastes causing the cook to cook one dish in a variety of ways.

For me thanksgiving means spending quality time with my family. As I mentioned earlier we never really got to sit together at the table so we tried to make sure we did it on holidays. I love to cook so now I do majority of the cooking to let my parents relax. To my parents thanksgiving doesn’t really mean much because they don’t celebrate it back in Russia, it’s essentially just a day iff from work that they can spend relaxing. I want to continue the tradition of cooking for my family and ensuring we can spend the evening together without any technology. As I get older hopefully the cooking becomes easier to do and I finish earlier to give us more time to spend together.