Final Reflection

My writing developed because I tried to implement a more serious tone. My writing developed unprecedently because I got more familiar with writing an essay using the MLA format. My writing also developed through the use of sources in our last two essays. I feel that I became better at using sources to improve my overall argument. At the beginning of the semester, I had one specific goal: to improve my vocabulary. I feel that this goal was met because my vocabulary is more sophisticated now than my writing from high school.

One piece of writing that I am proud of is the Literacy Narrative that we were assigned earlier in the semester. I’m proud of it because my love for soccer allowed me to form sentences with decent vocabulary. In addition, I feel that my feelings and emotions could be felt through the writing. I included a variety of positive memories that the beautiful sport of soccer has brought to my life. I felt very excited when I was writing the essay because your ideas flow nicely when you are writing about one of your passions. One insight that I gained from this work is that I complete a task more efficiently when I am allowed to speak on a topic that I enjoy or find interesting.

One piece that I found challenging was the Rhetorical Analysis Essay. I found this challenging because we had to thoroughly analyze a film and write a certain amount of words. I wanted to be concise and direct but I had to keep the word count in mind. I met this challenge by expanding on the ideas that I was writing in each paragraph and explaining them well. Something that strikes me now is that I dealt with this challenge mostly by procrastinating and avoiding the full completion of the essay. In the end, I feel that I wrote a decent essay but I should be more efficient with the time that I have and stop procrastinating.

Lastly, I enjoyed this class because of the interesting texts and videos shown during class. I also enjoyed the Literacy Narrative Essay because I was allowed to just write and let my ideas flow with a little amount of restrictions. I also enjoyed the Group Proposal because it allowed my group and I to bring awareness to NY artists who are neglected and sometimes forgotten.