The Red Bentley painting Field Analysis

While looking around the Vertical Campus there was one painting that caught my attention and it was called the “Red Bentley” located on the third floor. What I found interesting in this painting is the way the red car on the dock by the ship stands out in the dark painting due to its bright vivid colors even tho its only a small part of the painting located in the corner. Although its a small part it still catches the eye of whoever looks at the painting. The main figures of this painting is the shadowy old fashioned ship laying on a foggy dock with dark skies and a red car zooming past the boat in the corner of the painting with only half of it being shown as it drives by. Repetition is shown in the painting with the gray dark smokey resembling the same colors as the dark dock floor. The time of day and darkness of the setting of the painting is implied by how dark the sky is and the shadowy figure of the ship with the lights piercing out the window to emphasize how dark it is outside. The question the painting leaves me is with what us the purpose of the car in the painting and where is it going.

What you should know before looking at the painting is that Bentleys were created in the 1930s and judging off of how old the back of the car and even the ship look this painting must be based of the time period of the early to mid 1900s. The genre it reminds me of is a Sci-Fi or horror due to the ominous fog and gloomy setting. Also the way the only bright thing in the painting which is the car looks like its trying to escape or run away from the image. It reminds me of every crime movie where the bad guys are meeting by the foggy dock at night to do a mysterious pick up of something illegal and later fleeing the scene the way the red bentley is. I believe the intended audience is those who enjoy sci-fi or mysteries and want to interpret the reasoning to why the boat is lurking in the shadows in the dark and why the car is fleeing the scene and what it may represent. I find myself to be an example of one of those indented audience members and see the car as a representation of something good running away from a dark scenery where evil is lurking and escaping a bad situation.

I believe the purpose of this piece is to show that even in the darkest situations you should always look towards the light the way in the painting who ever sees it their eyes look at the bright car and ignores the darkness and fog around it. This is supposed to represent how we should be in our every day lives and I think this is what the creator intended. There was no given artist or time given on the painting but judging off the painting I can tell its most probably based of the time period of the early to mid 1900s historically. Around this time America was in World War II and dark times in and outside our country which this painting is trying to show how even in the dark times we should always look to the light and follow that.