Field Analysis- Lavender fields and the Lone tree

Lavender Fields and Lone Tree by Robert Weingarten was drawn in Provence, France in 1999. Upon my first glance it just looks like you’re standing in a field of Lavender, which really intrigued me because I love flowers and plants. Upon my research I found out quite a few interesting facts about this work of art.

Lavender was originally not grown in France, it was imported from Greece. In this painting the field of lavender is what really draws you in, seeing as the background is just a cloudy sky which doesn’t really draw much attention. At the end of the painting there is one single tree, which shows how big the feild really is. There is no targeted audience as you can easily mistake seeing it before due to looking like many paintings of fields of different flowers. The history behind lavender in Europe is why it’s so unique.

Lavender played a really important part in the History of France. It was imported to treat infectious diseases in the Middle Ages. The plants other use was as a wild herb, its oils were also extracted to be used for relaxing baths for people. Lavender became a staple in Europe since then. People continue using it mainly now as a perfume fragrance because of its calming scent. Overall, lavender was important to the people of France due to its calming and healing properties.