Final Reflection

Over the past 15 weeks, my writing has notably improved, particularly in incorporating complex vocabulary. My initial goal of being more conscious in my writing has been realized, as I now find myself adept at structuring my thoughts effectively. This has led to a more coherent and engaging expression of ideas. Seeking feedback from peers and instructors has proven invaluable in honing my skills and gaining diverse perspectives. As I reflect on this progress, I am motivated to set new goals, such as exploring different writing styles and delving into more complex topics.

Writing my Dracula essay provided me with insights into the intricate connections between the topic and Marxism. Delving deeply into the subject matter allowed me to explore the nuances and unveil layers of meaning. I took pride in the essay not only for its depth but also for the genuine interest I felt while crafting it. This experience highlighted the importance of choosing topics that genuinely engage me, contributing to both the quality of my writing and my overall enjoyment of the process.

Confronting the challenge of my last essay, I aimed to enrich my writing by incorporating extensive details gleaned from various sources. The process involved thorough research and immersion in articles to ensure a comprehensive understanding. However, the true difficulty arose when I had to delve deeply into the topic and take a definitive stance. Looking back, I see that overcoming this challenge required not only rich detail but also a thoughtful analysis to strike a balance between depth and a clear perspective in my writing.