Interview Question

Question: Where would you like to go in the world and stay for a year? Why?

Answer: I would like to move to Ecuador for a year and live in a very rural area of the country. I am tired of the city life and all of the stress associated with this large city. The weather in Ecuador is very stable and the weather doesn’t go up to 100 degrees like in New York City. In addition, I could grow plants and crops in Ecuador which would improve my diet and overall health because I would be eating fresh food. I would like to take care of animals and have limited access to the internet. This year would serve as a mental and physical break from my reality. Staying away from social media and people for a year would do me well.

I asked Norberto the same question and he had a similar reply. He said he would like to go live in Mexico for a year because things are much calmer and simpler over there. He emphasized the food is more delicious over there and that he has an extensive amount of family members in Mexico.