Reflective Essay for project 3

I decided to give a brief explanation about the Women in Red so people who never knew what to is knows what it’s about. I decided to use examples as well so they get an even better picture on it. The medium I chose was a slideshow presentation. I chose this because I feel like slideshows get your message across better because you have the text to follow along and you have images and other information so you can actually see it and understand it. Remaking my essay in a different light helped me actually see what little information there is about the Women in Red. It was hard to make the slideshow long, which was another reason I put in the brief description. One reason I used Google slides was because of how simple it is. The layout makes it very easy to find whatever it is you need while also allowing you to make professional presentations. One problem I did run into was finding an image under the Creative Commons license. There was only one photo I found but it was low quality so it was unusable. I think I would post this on a blog or on social media. It fits the types of posts made that bring awareness to social issues.

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