Project 3 Proposal

For Project 3, I will be working individually to reimagine the content of Project 1, which focuses on the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matter movement. I want to emphasize the similarities between these two movements in a visual essay format, using collage as the chosen medium. By utilizing collage, I will offer a unique and creative perspective on the interconnectedness of these movements and their shared goals of social justice and empowerment.

The change of medium from a written format to a collage will transform the fundamental message of my essay by offering a more engaging and immersive experience. A collage allows for the comparison of images and ideas, which can bring forward emotions and deeper examination. I expect to think differently about the topic by considering I will be conveying the relation of these two movements through visual storytelling, rather than solely relying on a written analysis. To source material for my collage, I plan to gather images, articles, and multimedia content from a variety of sources such as historical archives and social media platforms. My primary reason for choosing to do a collage as the medium for this project is its ability to outdo traditional boundaries and be able to communicate complex ideas in an aesthetic manner. By reimagining my work from the first project in this new medium, I can deepen the exploration of the themes and narratives surrounding these influential movements while also challenging myself to think creatively about how best to convey their significance in today’s context.

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