Prompt: Choose one of our weekly module themes (ex: Gilded Age, Westward Expansion, etc.) and explain how changes during this period affected at least three different groups of people. (Groups could be determined by class, race, region of the country, etc.) In addition to addressing social, political, or economic changes. you should also explain how these changes impacted each group’s identity as an American at this time. For example, were they seen as inside or outside of the “normal” Americans? Did they gain more rights? Experience more prejudice? Etc.)

The late 19th century to the early 20th century marked the Golden Age, where significant social, political, and economic changes were made in the United States. The term “Gilded Age” means a period of superficial prosperity as it masks the societal issues and inequalities. In this blog, we’ll analyze the working class, robber barons, and women in how the Gilded Age affected them.