Genre Complexities

This week so far has been somewhat great for me as I have already started working on my analysis paper and am very close to finishing it which for me is great as I will have to worry about fewer tasks to worry about next week. As I have an upcoming math exam which I am studying hard for as I am very bad at math. I am constantly trying to finish up all my tasks because I do not like procrastinating. One thing that has not gone well for me this week is my freshman year seminar class where I had to take a quiz that I had no idea about. But thank god I got through it. Other than that everything is going according to my plan if I say so myself.

Once upon a time in my life, I had to compose a new genre that needed to be included in my writing. This genre was about me combining my personal experience and a text’s sophisticated backstory to make a thesis paper where I had explored the text provided to me and its tragedies. This might sound like a simple first-person connection writing situation but it was more complex than that. I had to combine many genres and my personal experience to create a piece of work that was very detailed with my connections. I don’t even know what genre that falls in but I will tell you that I did not like it. But it was educational because it helped me with my storytelling skills. Where now I believe I can actually come up with a story from scratch. As that nowadays is extremely useful but before I started developing my genre and my story I was very confused which helped me none.

What I had to do was just write something as that is the best way to get started on something unknown. Confusion will lead to nothing where just try to start something as that helps you get a hook on something. This is one of the things I learned from that project and not it is a discipline for me. The fact that something is better than nothing is very powerful. 

Different People Different Habits

This week so far has been really good for me as I have finally finished polishing up my final narrative paper. Which I am very happy about and now I can tackle all the other work I have left like math and sociology. I have to take a lot of time and study for my math exam which takes place next week I do not know if you know but my math skills are terrible so I probably going to have to get some tutoring from my cousin who is a math genius. Other than everything is going very smoothly but sadly we will all have to wait a long time for the next big break which I cannot wait for.

Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing is a pretty good piece of work as it introduces many different ideas in writing which can is great for beginners that are new to college-level writing but also to the experts who can use this to polish up their skills and be sharper with their literature. I loved the section that introduced Habits of mind as I can really relate to it because I too myself am always looking for freedom when I am writing I look to explore the different perspectives and use my personal experience to make a connection with my work.

I really wonder how others who make fantastic literature content make connections to their work maybe do it like me but maybe different. I always try my best to include a rhetoric example when I am explaining my point of view. Because I believe that a personal perspective is not enough to convince the reader rather you use rhetorical devices/strategies to show the credibility of your work. So this is the top habit of mind when I am constructing my work as I am able to show a perspective that is valid and can be argued with if wanted.

Hardships In Literacy

This week so far has been good for me as I have finished a lot of my assignments including a 5-page narrative essay. This was engaging for me as I was able to break down how I got into writing and reading. The writing for me went very smoothly if I say so myself because I was able to translate my life experience into a piece of literacy work. After I finished my narrative essay I felt very relieved as it was one of the biggest projects I did since I started to attend Baruch. But I still had to tackle A lot of math work as it was piling up very fast. Which I need to get done this weekend ASAP. For all my other classes like history and sociology I will be honest they are very chill right now but I do not know if they will stay that way.

Previously when I started writing long essays an essential technique for me was that I had to make a connection with either the texts or the prompt. I do this because it helps me get a better vision of what I am going to write and I can include that will give the readers an outside perspective which will make my paper stand out more. I know a lot of people that struggle to break down a prompt and I tell them to just read over it again so they can make a connection with the prompt. Something that bothers me a lot is when the prompts are divided into bullet points and a lot of the bullet points will be just saying the same thing but rephrased which for me is just annoying because it puts me in a position where I have to look over and over the bullet point to differ them from others. But other than if I see any other problem with my writing I follow these steps:

  • Break the text/prompt down and make a connection to it.
  • Try to evaluate the outcome that the prompt is asking for.
  • Sometimes I will use rhetorical strategies/devices to prove my point.

Those three steps are essential for me and I have others but that will take a long time. 

Who Doesn’t Like Stories

Who Doesn’t Like Stories?

Many like myself who are studying finance might think that storytelling is an irrelevant perk to have up your sleeve. 

But I completely disagree and this is why.

A good story can help you make conversation with somebody and set the tone of a room where there might be more humor than stress. In my experience, good storytelling skills can take you a long way as you are able to socialize with people I am doing finance and in this field, the stories that might have value would be stories that include the financial market. People might even be interested in life stories explaining hurdles that almost held me back.

Everybody has a different perspective and a different taste in stories. Which makes for a great conversation. I am not you should practice storytelling every single but learning it little by little will help you improve your soft skill which will make you stand out more.

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Abhisek Welcome Post

My name is Abhisek Khan and currently enrolled at Baruch as an undergraduate. I plan on majoring in finance and exploring the world of finance.

Through this English class, I plan on improving my writing skills and my knowledge of different aspects of English. I also hope to learn how to break down texts more efficiently and collectively.

Are we going to be staying online this whole semester? ( If yes then that’s fantastic )

The rule that I always follow when I write is I always write from a personal perspective. When I am writing I try to include outside information so my writing is credible and the readers get multiple perspectives.

In my opinion, my relationship with writing is very strong as I love to write but not only I love to express myself in different contexts to other readers. I love analysis writing but also argumentative writing. I also try to do poems but I am not really good at them. For me, writing can get frustrating but then I remember that wring has more freedom than any other subject.