About Africa

Reclaiming Africa is a blog to give people the knowledge of what Africa is. The goal is to showcase Africa. When people think of Africa they usually think of it as one country. When in fact it is a continent with 54 unique beautiful countries. There are also about 1000 tribal languages dispersed throughout the continent of Africa.

This platform will showcase Africa and give recognition to the countries that are not talked about. Specifically, where I am from Mali. Our foods, culture, tradition, are extremely rich and people should have a chance to see what Africa is and understand it is not what the media portrays.

Also, I want black people to understand that the diaspora wars are pointless and ultimately Africa is the motherland that has so many resources. I want Black Americans to remember where their original home is and that they always have a place. Ultimately the plan is for Africa to be seen in a new light, hence that title of the blog “Reclaiming Africa”.