Rhetorical Analysis Formal Proposal

For my formal analysis, I plan on writing about sexual consent on college campuses. Specifically, I will be analyzing news articles about a bill that was just passed in California stating how affirmative consent must occur before any sexual contact between two people occurs. The two articles I will be analyzing discuss their views on the bill being passed and how they both think it will affect society, especially students on college campuses. This topic motivates me because it is a big issue in today’s society, and it affects students that are around the same age as I am. I know people who have personally been affected by situations such as rape and sex without consent, so that is another reason that motivates me to learn more about this topic. California is the first state that passed a law about this topic, and although many people doubt it, there are many supporters also, and I want to know why each one believes what he believes. This law has already held many doubts, and many people believe that it will just create more stress for people, especially those in a relationship, so I want to learn more about this to discover why people think these things. The only questions I have about the assignment are what are we specifically talking about in our rhetorical analysis? Are we discussing both the articles and the incidents, or are we only focusing on the articles themselves and how they have different views from one another? Also, we aren’t allowed to state our opinions, right? I feel like I need an example, and that I’m making this more complicated than it actually is, hahaha.