Welcome to Advanced Multimedia Reporting


Advanced Multimedia Syllabus

Please note that this syllabus will be an ever-evolving document, so if you miss a class, please check this site. I will be posting class agendas each time we meet with updated and detailed info on assignments, due dates, etc.


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

Discuss the state of the video industry, including online trends
Take on the role of a producer, including research and reporting
Develop a distinctive voice and style
Identify and deploy narrative storytelling techniques
Present their work online in a concise, effective way using SEO
Become proficient video editors using Adobe Premiere
Create two strong video stories to display on a professional portfolio site
Effectively use text and narration to advance the story
Develop an editor’s eye for their own work and that of their classmates
Pitch freelance video pieces for the web



Student introductions. What are you hoping to get out of this class, and what sort of video storytelling interests you? Feature-length documentaries, dream job (VICE? Buzzfeed?), subject matter, style, breaking news, short docs… what would you like to do?


Set up a Vimeo account with photo and bio.

Search for a piece of video storytelling you find inspiring and post it on the class site. Come to class prepared to discuss the different elements you liked or didn’t like.

Start thinking about a topic for your first video assignment, which will be a visual poem, and start talking amongst yourselves about who you might like to partner up with for it, as this first project will be done in pairs as you get the hang of using the equipment. You will share all gathered material but you will each submit your own individual edited videos. (No formal pitch necessary yet, I just want you to be able to start the brainstorm process.)

Examples: here and here


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