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What are the communication issues in Management? 

The main communication issues in management are lack of clarity from employees to employees and from managers to employees, information overload, lack of understanding and inactive listening, and lastly, the fear of asking questions and for help. Studies have also shown that the reasons for unclear communication in the workplace is due to the lack of internal communication. The method of how managers pass down information to their employees interferes with how employees receive the message about their tasks which decreases motivation and productivity.  

Why is proper communication important in a workplace?

Proper communication is highly important in a workplace because it Improves the productivity and engagement of employees. Communication also builds trust and connections and strong relationships because speaking properly and positively to others will bring reliance on oneself. In order for a company to succeed, there needs to be proper communication between employees and their managers.

Remote communication Vs In person communication: Which is more effective?

Many people argue whether In person communication is more effective than remote communication. According to my findings, both, remote work and in office work have positive and negative outcomes but there are more positive effects when communicating in person. Remote work not only reduces productivity and causes distractions from families, but it also changes a person’s personality. When working at home, we are isolated and staring at a screen majority of the time, which brings problems in individuals’ social life and bring social anxiety. Humans are social beings, therefore it is better to work in person and communicate properly in person.  Communicating in person helps understanding a task better as we are able to ask for help from others and if there are misunderstandings, they are easy to solve. Also, interactions help build connections and strong relationships which are needed.


Welcome to my website

I am Aissata Diallo, currently a freshman at Baruch college and I will be majoring in Operations Management. I was born in Guinea, a western African country and I came to the United States in 2017. When I first migrated here, I was in 8th grade and I became Introverted and struggled with communication because learning English was not easy for me. During the first year of high school, I started to network and make friends because the people I Interacted with, spoke the same language as me. That also came to an end after covid started in mid freshman year. Ever since that I became even more introverted and have been struggling with public speaking.

On this site, you are all able to find information about the topic I researched, communication, which is related to my experience. In addition, there is also my resume and contact information if you have any additional question or concern.