journal #2

Being part of the Baruch scholars program, I have a responsibility to give back to my college in many ways. Baruch has given me the opportunity to represent its honors program as part of its elite students. Baruch has given me the ability to take free courses, and have advisors to meet with if I need any help. They also have given us special classes that only Scholars can take, and special grants to study abroad. These benefits will help me succeed in what I set out for. I must give back as much as I can to show how thankful I am to the Baruch Scholars Program. I must maintain good grades, and participate in the many clubs and programs here at Baruch college. I must also give back to my community by doing community service. The honors program here at Baruch college helps me achieve the goal I am setting out to accomplish. It has given me the chance to enroll in community service with classmates to help give back to our communities. They have also helped guided us by showing us how to approach these new classes and what are the criteria we must meet as Baruch scholar. They have also helped showed us which classes to take and how to take action in planning our future at Baruch. There is a challenging road ahead of us but we have to give back to our college for that they have done for us.

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Hello my name is Albert Gindi. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I went to Magen David high school. All of my friends through high school have been my friends my whole life. I am glad Baruch is giving me the chance to go out and make new friends. My hobbies is to play and watch sports. I am a big Mets, Knicks and Jets fan. I go to many sports games with my friends. I also love to play basketball and football. Every sunday, from the beginning of high school, me and nine over friends get together and play football at a local park. When the weather gets better we start to play basketball. Playing sports relieves me from stress and gets me energetic and competitive. Over the past summers I worked by my father and realized my passion for business. I worked by his wholesale company and and his retail stores. It made me realize the big world out there that has many opportunities. I decided that I would like to pursue a job in the business area. I am attending Baruch college to learn more about business and it will help me reach my goal. For my first semester I would like to get to know the college and get the hang of attending Baruch. I want to make new friends and embrace the journey ahead of me. I want to further decide what interests I would like for my majors. I want to make use out of my first semester and begin my college experience.

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