Hello! My name is Alejandro Xu Wu, and I am excited to start my journey as a freshman majoring in Finance at Baruch College. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, I grew up in a city known for its dynamic business environment, which sparked my interest in finance from a young age. At Baruch, I aim to deepen my understanding of financial markets, corporate finance, and investment strategies. I look forward to taking advantage of Baruch’s strong business curriculum and its connections to the financial industry in NYC. Besides my academic goals, I am eager to meet fellow students and professors who share my passion for finance and to get involved in student organizations that focus on finance and entrepreneurship.

This website provides an overview of my academic and personal journey, featuring my resume and a blog where I share insights from my experiences as a diverse student majoring in Finance at Baruch College. You can also find my contact information here. The blog is designed to engage readers in thoughtful discussions about a wide range of topics relevant to today’s students and emerging finance professionals.