Assignment #2 & #3


Work Cited

Olson, Emily. “4 Big Questions about the Nashville School Shooting (and What We Know so Far).”NPR,29Mar.2023,

The purpose of this article is to answer some concerns after the Nashville school shooting happened. It answers the question of what the shooter’s motives are, how the government reacted and what they found out during their investigations.The audience can be anyone that is worried about the case and the victims families. The article explains the specific details of the facts about the school shooting and it uses a lot of evidence from interviews.


The article argues that the main cause of violence isn’t mental health. It explains the real reason why the rate of gun violence has increased in the US and why it shouldn’t be linked to mental illness. The audience for this article is people that care about gun violence and mental health. It uses many statistics to prove their point and it is easy to compare between numbers.


This article tries to bring awareness of firearms in suicide and that the factors of suicide are connected to mental health. It states that there are many different factors and reasons of why some people would choose to use guns to commit suicide and what causes them to make the choice. People that would read this article can be people that are interested to the topic of mental health and suicide or feels related. The article incorporates a summary in the beginning to the reason why the author wrote the article.


The article explains the role of mental health and the connection between mental health and gun violence. It also includes what roles the psychiatrists and clinicians play in those situations. The audience of the article are people that are curious about the relationship between mental illness and gun violence. The article includes a lot of statistics but it also labels the paragraphs into sections for it to be easier to look at.    

O’Connor, Katie. “Mental Illness Too Often Wrongly Associated with Gun Violence.” Psychiatric News, vol. 56, no. 7, 1 July 2021,

The purpose of the article is to spread awareness about the wrongful details that many have been believing about mental disorders. The article shows that most violence is not caused by mental illness and that many people still blame it on mental health without knowing that it’s not the reason. It uses scientific data and interviews from physiatrists and asks about their opinions on the topic. 

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