Next Steps

Unfortunately I have yet to take part in any clubs or  utilize support centers but I have been introduced to a variety of clubs through conversations I have had with other Baruch students. Even though I am not a current member of any clubs I do, in fact, intend to participate in such activities and hope to be introduced to even more, which hopefully will lead me to find a club that fits particularly to my personality.

I have, however, visited the library a number of times, as it is a place of peace and abundant resources. It serves as a very useful environment to me as it shuts me off from everyone and everything else so that I may get my work done efficiently. Discovering that the library is such a convenient place to be will definitely aid me in the coming future as I pursue my studies here at Baruch.

The community service project [I believe] will be the catalyst of my involvement in the society. I have always had the intentions to take part in volunteering and helping others, and at times I have but it simply isn’t enough. This project will push me to become more involved in helping the society, and hopefully guide further along the road of giving back.

Where I see myself in three years is a hard question to answer since I feel that excess optimism only leads to an increased level of disappointment. I do, however, have goals for what I hope to achieve within the next three years, but whether I accomplish them or not will be up to time itself. I do hope to take part in as many clubs and community service projects as I can fit into my schedule without neglecting schoolwork, family responsibilities, and, of course, some free time allotted for myself. One very important goal I believe that I must achieve within the next three years is that I must learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I have to step out of my comfort zone and step up to being more outspoken and outgoing.

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What does it mean to serve my community

As a Baruch Scholar I understand that I have two main responsibilities. The first is to meet both my expectations and that of the Honors Program. I believe that in order to meet such expectations I will have to continue to work hard and strive for the best. “Hard work pays off” is a concept that I have followed all my life and it has yet to fail me, so it is only right for me to continue to follow in this lead.

The second responsibility of a Baruch Scholar or any member of the Honors Program is to repay society for nurturing us all these years. All achievements of all scholars and honors students were not accomplished simply by their own capabilities but rather accomplished with the help and aid from those around them offering things like public goods, opportunities for better education, and scholarships like the one that I have been lucky enough to receive. It is therefore our duty and our never-ending responsibility to give back for what we have taken.

The Honors Program both strictly and strongly promotes repaying the community by mandating a certain amount of volunteer hours upon the members of the program. By doing so, students are heavily influenced and motivated to contribute to making their society a better place for others. This method is meant to start students off on their road to selflessness. Many people should and have pushed to contribute an even greater amount of time to construct a better environment for those around them. Being an honor student I am both responsible for and motivated to giving back to society.

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Where have I been and where am I going – Journal entry #1

Perhaps being at the brink of losing everything close and dear to me woke me up. I always thought that the purpose to life was the pursuit of happiness and that happiness was attained through fulfilling my many needs and wants. The only thought in my head use to be “me” and only “me” but that changed when everything started slipping away. Striving to preserve everything the way it was could have possibly been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The fright of once again losing it all altered me. I realized that there was another path, another road to happiness; it was a “kill three birds with one stone” method. If I dedicated myself to providing happiness to others I not only make other people’s lives simpler but my life more worthwhile and at the same time keep all of those who are close to me. My main concerns since then has been family and friends but family first since they have been the biggest factor of love and support.

My expectations as a college student is simple: to educate myself for future purposes. The main objective of a student in any school is to learn and hopefully make as much out of the experience as possible. My hopes for college is to learn and understand how to tackle the real world when college is over so my concern would then be that I would not grow enough to be able to survive in the world outside of college.

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Hello world!

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