First, I would like to say I love the guy with the cute red bow tie (Sidney Offit). He is just too cute! I am a book lover and although the kindle, I-Pad etc..are tempting… I cannot see myself giving up books for the convience of an e-reader. At home I have two six-foot book cases full of lovely books. Some I’ve read and some are patiently waiting for me to read them. I need to feel, smell and write in all of my books to connect to them. I love when I pull one of my old reads off the shelf to find handwritten notes of thoughts I had during the time engaged it.

There were a few comments that stuck out to me from the video. One guy said, “Being surrounded by books is really exciting to the imagination. It gives you a feeling of being around other peoples genius”. I totally agree. I guess that is why we pick up a book and turn to the back to find out the authors perspective of a particular subject. I can stay in a book store for hours browsing and choosing my next reads for a future date.

One book owner stated, “People who like books seem to be pretty interesting people”. I agree. A person who reads alot (depending on the type of books they read) have very interesting perspectives towards life.

“In writing a letter there is something about the process of composing it, sealing it and mailing it that is much more considerate” ~Sidney Offit
Yes, Yes and Yes. This shows a person that you took time out of your Crazy day to consider them at that moment. I even like to choose stationarey that would compliment the person I writing to.

Overall, I do not think that bookstores will be completely out of business. There is still a market for people who prefer visiting bookstores and holding a physical book in hand.

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