My name is Ashley Avecillas. I am from New York. I am currently majoring in Finance.

I can fluently speak three languages. I speak English, Spanish and Italian. I am still learning Portuguese, Russian and Greek. My current form of income is a part time job and also investing in the stock market. I love investing in stocks because the market is always open for many potential gains. My favorite hobbies are singing, playing musical instruments, oil painting, playing poker and of course playing pool. My favorite sports are soccer and gymnastics.

I aspire to become a successful businesswoman and to own my own companies. I particularly wish to settle for high potential companies that involve a lot of tech and fashion.  To achieve this I not only want to learn about these fields but intend to many more languages. Currently I am looking forward to master French, Chinese and Portuguese.

On my website you shall be able to see my contact information and my blog. My blog mentions and discusses on whether or not people and businesses should adopt Cryptocurrencies or not?