Mimesis vs Hormesis!

The differences in my writing style varies whether I want to write or not. If I decide to write for no reason, my writing style is going to be light-hearted and disorganized. Most of the time I just repeat my words without even noticing. Writing with no purpose is not fun at all, but it helps to notice how much I changed in writing English since 2016, at that point I did not want to write or speak this language because of my fear to be judged. But in high school I had friends and teachers that pushed me from my comfort zone to try new things, to start a new beginning.

After reading a nice book that I like which is history, I realized that most of the words have purpose to describe a certain time of the history of the world, but at the same time they explain with full details and giving names, dates, and places that you never heard that even existed. Books helped me to learn to expand my vocabulary and to learn how to write and pronounce them for future events. A book that you love and combining it with a little music is going to help you to organize your thought-process, it will calm your mind and body which inspires the soul to write anything you want.

But if you decided to write under pressure, after getting a nice exercise is when your hands send a message to your brain to sleep as soon as possible. I just want to sleep and stop writing, that’s the last thing I want to do for the day. You realized that our body has a limit, but some people try to push break the limits of their strength, but I love myself. This is the end.