Don Clemente

Loteria has been altered several times, however there is one version that the majority of people play. The game is “Don Clemente Gall” from 1913. It has been noted that this rendition is one of those with numerous folk stories that depict Mexican culture. The traditional Loteria originated in Italy but was later relocated to Spain. Spain was the first to introduce Mexico, in 1768. It was originally performed by the Mexican aristocracy, but eventually, anyone could participate (specifically the lower class).

Who is Don Clemente?

When Clemente Jacques ran a bottle and can company in Mexico, it became increasingly popular. His company’s ketchup container would have a replica of the La Loteria display. Because he would promote his version of the game, it was free marketing. Mexican soldiers contributed to the spread of the game. They would play with their families when the soldier returned home which eventually gain popularity. Jacques’ version is known as “Gallo de Don Clement,” which depicts a rooster to represent his country France. His version of Loteria quickly became the classic version, and it was the one that people understood how to play and was popular out of Mexico too.