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My name is Diego Siqueira. I am originally from Brazil. I have been in New York for over 13 years, and since then I’ve been working in the hospitality industry. I performed all of the front of the house jobs, until in 2009 I became a bartender. After 10 years working as a bartender, in all types of places (from small neighborhood restaurants to fine dining ones, and from cheap bars to very expensive clubs), I noticed a lack of staff preparation on doing the job. Mostly because of unprepared managers that lack enough information to be able to run a bar program and foster a culture of learning. The reality is that being a bartender is more than just pouring a vodka and soda and talking to people. When dealing with people and alcohol, a big responsibility is on the table. Bartending is something you learn on the job. In this blog, I intend to bring the insights of credible people in the industry. The idea is to increase the knowledge of other bartenders, instruct people who want to start in the business and help the ones who want just to entertain their guests at home. I hope you enjoy it!


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