E.B White’s Here is New York

Analyze E. B.White’s opening line, “On any person who desires such queer prizes, New York will bestow the gift of loneliness and the gift of privacy.”

As Roger Angell expressed in his introduction of E.B White’s work, “It is hard to feel private in the surging daily crowds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, say, or lonely on a side street packed solid with gridlocked traffic.” (11) Indeed, the opening line of Here is New York seems peculiar when one witnesses the sheer flood of civilization in New York City.  People seem to be swarming the streets of the city,  each with vibrant passion, excitement and enthusiasm. For most, the ’18 inches’ of separation that New York offers its inhabitants from one another offers a dream come true: a “Fragile participation with destiny.” The city provides a front row seat to “…all enormous and violent and wonderful events that are taking place every minute.” (21). However, to those who desire such queer prizes, the enormity and grandeur of New York can make the privacy and loneliness achieved all the more satisfying. As I commute every day to Baruch College, I witness firsthand how the all the commotion, bright lights, and attractions vying for our attention are merely a silent background to most as they race through the agendas of their day. Paradoxically, for those longing for internal quiet, New York is perfect.

Discuss White’s prophecy (final pages of the book) about airplanes in the light of 9/11.

Written in 1949, the scene depicted by E.B White in the final pages of his essay is at once enlightening and startlingly familiar in the aftermath of 9/11. It is important to note that at the time of the writing of the book, the gruesome sights and sounds of war were probably ingrained in the mind of the author after the atrocities of WWII, and of the Holocaust. People around the world saw images of planes flying over civilian neighborhoods in Europe dropping bombs on apartment complexes. It was only natural for White to envision the grand struggle of worldwide conflicting ideologies that would ensue. At the time of the publishing, E.B White witnessed the building of the United Nations on New York soil. There, hundreds of nations would be represented in no other city in the world but Manhattan. Therefore, there is no greater message of hate than to mercilessly attack New York, “the capital of the world” (55) and a symbol of cultural diversity, heterogenous unity, racial brotherhood and freedom. As White states, “Today Liberty shares the role with Death.” (54) Thankfully Mr. White’s prediction of the annihilation of New York City never occurred. Yet, for those of us who experienced the terror attacks of 9/11/01, White’s message rang true. The world must collectively take a stand against acts of hatred and intolerance, and feverishly support the ideals that hold up this great city today.



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Journal #3

The faculty who serve Baruch can have a lot to share if only a student asks them. I agree they can provide a lot of help in certain situations.

For the project, our contact Kate Suhr gave us additional info about God’s Love We Deliver in addition to that posted on their website. As support centers as in help, I haven’t sought any for this project although I may do so if I think it would help me on my assignment in the future.

Since the beginning of this fall semester, I have attended Large groups at Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. It’s probably one of the bigger student run clubs at Baruch and they have fliers out everywhere. On Thursdays during club hours, they usually have something unique every week, such as a guest speaker or a specific issue they want to address that week. I’ve found it to be a welcome break in my busy schedule.

First, having a fuller experience at Baruch can make you feel more at home and more comfortable when needing to request help, for example. Through clubs, you can make a few friends who share the same interests as you obviously and friends who have common interests have the most to talk about which can further increase your knowledge of business at Baruch and in general. As a demonstration, I learned that actuarial science is an area of study that’s really similar to accounting even though the name does not suggest it being a math related major.

Based on the vast number of organizations founded and run much like God’s Love We Deliver, to provide for the poor and handicapped or elderly in New York City, I began to get a sense of how many people want to help when they discover the reality of certain people’s lives.

In the next 3 years I hope I will find my place at Baruch and most importantly, settle on career goals and such because after school is finished in 3 years, work is most likely next in line.

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Blog Post 3

It is not unknown to people that community services holds many benefits, not only externally to those we have helped, but also internally to ourselves by building our character. It has taught me to not only be dependent on my own sources, but to also draw from the experiences of the heads of these charitable organizations and how as a team we can work to help the community in need. I am not sure if community service will exactly help me perform better in my courses, but I do feel that the effort I put into my academia intertwined with my effort of service will help me become someone who is not only idealistically intelligent, but also has the capability to put those ideas into action. I have not yet joined a club in Baruch, but I do plan on joining the Drama Club in the spring. I personally feel very confident with speaking out and presenting myself in front of large audiences, so I feel this is a niche where I can work on that ability and use it to help me in future situations. This project has showed me that community service is more than just picking up trash at the park. There are so many more aspects to it, and that there are difficulties in many people’s lives that we don’t even realize because we take them for granted. In the next three years, I see myself a senior in college who has not only developed an intellectual, tolerant, creative mind through vigorous scholarly work, but also a developed soul willing to do the extra work with no physical reward, just the reward of knowing myself that I have made a difference in the world for the better, and ability top handle anything life throws at me.

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The Future

            I have actually not consulted many faculty or staff nor joined any clubs. My explanation for these actions is my decision from before the semester began to use the first semester here at Baruch as a period to adapt. I decided in the beginning to spend the semester learning about the Baruch life style and what resources it offers. Now that I have learned about the programs and clubs offered I will take advantage of these in the spring semester. I did not want to shell shock myself with such a drastic change and stress so I’m confident that now I’ll be better able to participate in Baruch.
In regards to the community service project it has in fact taught me about the complexity that it takes to run these organizations. People who run these organizations are truly dedicated and passionate people, who should be greatly admired. Community service does truly make a difference on the community and volunteers really do change the lives of others. Every organization that was presented has a clear mission that I believe benefits others but would teach me new things if I volunteered for any of them. Every body has a story and one just needs to be willing to listen, and community service connects these two ends of communications. People, of all different sorts, can benefit from several fields as it is common ground that we cannot live with out food. All of us are connected and our duty is to help each other because in reality we all have more similarities then differences. This project also gave great suggestions for organizations I can volunteer for in the years to come and I’m excited for the experience.
In three years I see myself as getting ready to take on the world. Hopefully finding a job, and friends, and a new goal to strive for besides making it through college. Maybe I will be attending graduate school, but who knows I always feel its better to live in as much of the moment as you can so my future is still unwritten. But I hope it has success in it.
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The Missing Piece?-The Finale Numero Tres.

I have not changed. Or rather, I have, but not academically. You know that feeling when you expect the journey you embark on to be hard and tedious and challenging? That feeling of motivation and defeat at once that washes over you, knocking you down into a daze, when you know it will be hard but it will be interesting and new and exciting. I had that feeling…before college began. I keep waiting for it to get harder, but day after day I am realizing that it doesn’t. College is hard when you don’t have time management skills or severely difficult classes such as biology and chemistry which require a lot of understanding and memorizing. All in all, however, college-academically-is precisely like high school, with more freedom.

I used my knowledge of people for the Community Service Project and ability to communicate with others. I didn’t use all the functions of the school available just because I simply did not need to: it was pretty self-explanatory. My ideas haven’t evolved on community service considering I have always looked at community service as more of a reward than a reprimand or just a task. That hasn’t changed.

Perhaps I am missing a piece to this puzzle, but I feel like college life and its academic integrity is portrayed much harder than it actually is, but then again perhaps I got lucky and I am only a Freshman. I have not “grown-up”, I don’t think, but maybe that is just my inability to reflect on my self speaking.

In three years, I will be teaching and dancing. That is the only aspect of my life I am absolutely sure of. There is nothing I would rather do or anywhere I would rather be. Perhaps by then, I will be challenged and given an interesting puzzle to solve instead of the dull one I’m doing now-the one with too little pieces designed for ages three and up.

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Blogpost #3

When I first set out to find potential community service organizations to work with for this project I naturally followed the advice of Sandy and Rawlisha and went to the Community Service Fair! The fair was extremely informative. There were booths manned by representatives from a variety of organizations – from AIESEC to Dress for Success to Meals on Wheels – the organization my group eventually chose to work with. All of these representatives had flyers, videos and lots of information for me to relay back to my group. The fair gave me a taste not only of the many community organizations there are in this area but of some of the organizations we have here at Baruch.

While I attended the fair to work on the FRO community service project I was also there to cover it for a news story for The Ticker. I joined The Ticker at the beginning of the year and it has been a great experience. I have met a lot of smart, driven people and gotten the opportunity to cover many events such as the Community Service Fair. I have also gotten to do one of my favorite things – write.

Over the coming semesters I plan to continue to write for The Ticker and to be involved in my community by helping out at some of the organizations that I saw at the fair.

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The Future

It’s been one heck of a semester. I’ve learned a lot. About my academics, about myself, about life in general. There have been many things to make that process easier, and many things to complicate it further. My LC has been a great group of friends and peers helping me study, explore, and enjoy the city. They have helped me make life choices and motivated me to be better.

I’ve had a pretty good experience with professors; they’ve been friendly, helpful, and supportive and I see my degree coming together. Perhaps a finance degree with a minor in Anthropology?

I’ve used the Writing Center to help me with english, as well as a friend back from high school to work on my writing, and I’ve been able to use the library’s database system to do research.

As many people know, I’ve joined the radio station and have been practicing my DJing for them. They also offered me a job in the production department where I can hone my technical skills. Being surrounded by so many people with a passion for music as inspired me to go back and continue teach myself piano. I’m not going to forget about school, but I remember what it is I want to do with my life.

In 3 years I’ll be finishing up my college degree, and I’ll probably working full time with a start-up I haven’t even heard of yet and working part time as a music producer and DJ.

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Journal 3

The community service project brought to light how useful and important the resources Baruch offers really are.  Yasmin, a member of my group, learned about the charity we are working with through the volunteer fair at the school.  This is how we came to develop an interest in Citymeals on Wheels.  By this example, I really saw how useful our resources are.  My eyes were opened because before this, I really held no interest in things such as the STARR development center. However I have been aware of what joining clubs and groups around the school can do for oneself. Right now, I am an active member in FUSION, a Filipino club in Baruch. Participating in this club has opened up so many doors for me.  In October, upon strong suggestion from my friend Kate, I auditioned for and competed in Wanna Canta, a singing competition among the Filipino clubs in the local New York-New Jersey area, as FUSION’s representative. Not only was the event a wonderful social experience, it was a very important networking experience for me there as well.  From the musical friends I had made from that experience I have become involved in other groups as well. I have been active in NYU’s Filipino club, as well as their a cappella group with whom I performed a couple of weeks ago. Each of these people have inspired me in a different way, both by their talents and their demeanor. I seek to learn and grow with these people in the next few years. I wish to pursue more musical endeavors thanks to their inspiration.  By this example I wish to inspire others. I want to help others to inspire them and let them know that their dreams can grow too. It’s a cycle of passing it forward. Thanks to Kate, I was opened up to all of these wonderful experiences before the end of my first semester.  By Citymeals on Wheels specifically, I want to make sure that while everyone is chasing dreams, those who have lived the majority of their lives already are not forgotten.  It is important for everyone to feel cared for. It inspires me to feel that way, and I just want to spread the love.

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The Not So Distant Future

My participation in the community service project has helped me explore more opportunities at Baruch. So far, I applied to join Team Baruch. But I won’t know if I’m a member for at least a few more days. I really hope that I am accepted though because I want to give back to the school. The community service project has shown me the strong tradition of “giving back” here at Baruch. Being a member of Team Baruch would allow me to give back and interact with incoming students to share my experiences with them and hopefully help them embrace Baruch as I have. The resources used for my team project has given me an edge in my other courses by showing me that initiative must be taken in order to be successful. People who sit around and wait for things to come to them aren’t the ones who become successful later in life. I learned that I must take action all the time – either in actively searching for opportunities or actively helping the surrounding community. Community service has expanded its meaning to me. I used to view community service as something that was important and made you feel good about yourself because you were helping others. But I realize that community service is essential in advancing a community and allowing it to thrive. I realized the importance of helping those in need because a society can’t move forward if there are people who lack basic needs.

In the next 3 years, I hope to have some kind of internship or a job. I hope to have most of my credits completed. But besides that, I hope that I am able to look back and say to myself that I made the most of the opportunities I was given. I want to be involved at school in some way, either as a member of a club or as a fan of a sport. And I also hope that I can maintain the friendships that I have formed in the one short semester that I have been at Baruch. I was hesitant to come to Baruch because it was a city college. But I realized that college isn’t about the campus or how much you pay. It’s about the people you meet along the way. And I’ve met some great people already that have really made my experience at Baruch special. And I hope that I can look back in 3 years and say to myself that I’ve strengthened these friendships and that these friendships will last me the rest of my life.

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Da Future

The community service proposal project (try saying that five times fast) did not require me to draw upon many of the resources inside Baruch. (Did you try saying community service proposal project five times fast? No? Why not?) Instead I had to draw upon my group members. What I took from working on this was the importance of each person working to their strengths whether it was typing out emails or forming the powerpoint each person had a role. I think this sense of teamwork will greatly help us in the future, especially when we have to volunteer together next semester. (This is your last chance to try saying community service proposal project five times fast. I’ll wait right here.)

The biggest reason I chose to write this blog post, beside the fact that it was a requirement, was to answer the question of where I see myself in three years. I have no idea. That’s the nice thing about being a first semester (almost second semester) freshman, I still have a lot of time to make the decision of where I’m going to be three years from now. I plan on pursuing every avenue possible and not letting an opportunity pass by me without thoroughly investigating it first. I can be anywhere three years from now, but I know that when I get there I will have enjoyed getting there more than anybody else did.


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