Reading Response and Presentations:  You will each take the lead on one class session; we will set up a schedule in class on Sep 9.  Please write up some notes or a 1-2 page response to the reading(s) and come prepared to help facilitate the discussion reading based on your notes.  You may focus on anything you like relative to the day’s readings, but here are some possibilities: an insight that you find particularly useful for teaching; a point you disagree with; a follow-up question that explores or complicates the implications of the reading.

Teaching Portfolio: During the semester, you will create an online teaching portfolio representing your experiences in the classroom and your belief about teaching. You will turn in your portfolio at the end of the semester via your course blog, but it will contain materials that you could use on the job market.  For this class, your portfolio should include the following items: 

  • Introduction to the portfolio
  • Statement of teaching philosophy
  • Your written responses to readings: Please include any responses to class readings that you wrote and presented to class.
  • Annotated course syllabus: Make comments on the usefulness of the required texts, the utility of activities (e.g. conferences, quizzes and other in-class work) and assignments, how the course related to student needs and abilities, the effectiveness of the pacing, and other matters you would consider for improving the course next time.
  • Assignments
  • Sample student work(s), with your comments/grade, that support your teaching philosophy/assignment goals
  • Students’ self assessments/reflections on their writing
  • Peer evaluation (you will be observed and evaluated by a senior member of the faculty)
  • Student evaluations (include any student questionnaires or evaluations you may have given, e.g. midterm evaluations; add the college end-of-term evaluations when you have them)

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