10.15 Response

I also enjoyed following Edward and Susan’s research process in”Googlepedia.” The chapter made me think that it might be helpful to ask my students to record their own research processes and then have a class discussion where they reflect on what they did and how helpful or not helpful certain resources were. For me, the reading also emphasized how important it is for us to show our students what resources are available to them through the library. Once Edward and Susan used the databases with McClure, they seemed fairly open to using them in the future. I know in the past I’ve been guilty of assuming students know how to use these tools when in reality they may never have even tried researching through the library’s web portal. The article reminded me how it important it is to guide students through library sources.

I found the Reflective Annotated Bibliography Tip Sheet extremely helpful. In particular, I appreciated how McBeth showed where the various parts of the reflective annotated bibliography fit into a paragraph of an essay. I think seeing how the bibliography transfers into a complete paragraph would help students see the value in the assignment.