Photo by Phil Gallo

Standing at the podium at Madison Square Garden last June, Mario Cuomo, the celebrated orator and former governor of New York State, delivered the Commencement Address at Baruch College’s 45th
 Commencement exercises. His words focused on diversity—at the College, in the workplace, and in the political arena.

Cuomo heaped praise on the College: “From its earliest days, Baruch College rejected the notion that newcomers to our land should be dropped into a ‘melting pot’ that would boil away their distinguishing cultures and characteristics. Baruch has always believed that we are at our best when we recognize ourselves as being a nation made up of different sizes, shapes, colors and cultures, histories and hopes.”

Amid his send-off, Cuomo told the thousands of students and their families that “no one in America has been gifted with a better education. . . . You have the chance to help build a better world. Make the most of it!”

Cuomo’s full commencement remarks can be viewed here:

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